I’m Cody Roberts, founder of Pono Visions.

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As an award-winning, fine art photographer I am sincerely grateful to call the island of Maui, Hawai’i my home.

Born and raised near Chicago, I grew up with a true passion for the creative arts. At the age of 18 I left my small hometown in Indiana to pursue a radically different lifestyle in the islands of Hawai’i. Over the course of a decade, I have been paving my career path in visual arts as a professional photographer.

Being an adventurist at heart, I discover my photographic inspiration from a passionate quest to understand our human connection with mother nature. My artistic vision focuses on conveying distinct perspectives of Hawai’i’s raw and powerful landscapes, while promoting the conservation of the islands’ endangered ecosystems. My reverence for creative expression and wilderness preservation has led me to spectacular locations across Maui through continued work and support with numerous environmental organizations. I have since developed Pono Visions—a dedicated brand for sharing and offering my imagery as fine art—to inspire wonderment and peace within viewers and collectors worldwide.




Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine - Nov/Dec 2019: “Restoring the Forest”

Story & Photography by Cody Roberts

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